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.asoundrc is read from alsalib. config files docmentation: syntax, runtime arguments / functions and hooks

alsa names

persistent usbaudio devices

this was solved with help from the alsa irc channel:

the following lines were added to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base:

alias internal snd-intel8x0
options internal index=-1
alias herc_djrmx0 hdj_mod
options herc_djrmx0 index=-2
alias RMX snd-usb-audio
options RMX index=-3 pid=0x06f8 vid=0xb101
alias PCR snd-usb-audio
options PCR index=-4 pid=0x0582 vid=0x0033
alias imic snd-usb-audio
options imic index=-5 vid=0x077d pid=0x07af
alias yamaha snd-usb-audio
options yamaha index=-6 vid=0x08bb pid=0x29b0

installing the drivers was only necessary for the hercules rmx which was simple on ubuntu 8.10. For karmic, see this thread.


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