pulseaudio and oss_emu in ubuntu maverick and maybe natty

i just stumbled across this: ubuntu removed the oss emulation from the maverick kernel without a working alternative.

hell, why would i care ? v4l and some applications that depend on it come to mind. also, the Brooktree 87x chipsets will not be working as they should.

to put this straight: i am using linux since the early 90ies, and a couple of years ago, when esoteric stuff like tun/tap devices and so on became part of the stock kernels of debian and ubuntu, i was very happy not having to build my own kernels anymore.

unfortunately, some versions ago, ubuntu decided to go for pulseaudio. while this might be good for normal users that do not want any other audio system, as all they use is an audio/video player and its plugins for a browser, it has not been a nice experience for people wanting ie. jack or some other low latency audio system. adapting pulseaudio to just care for a musicplayer and browser and going out of the way was almost impossible back then. nowadays, a handful of lines for asound.conf might fix it.

nevertheless, the easy way was to just dpkg --purge pulseaudio from the system and be done with it.

the question remaining is: how will i be able to do video installations with this ? i guess the easy way might be using debian instead, this will hopefully take longer until things break.