the jungle of replacing a failing hard drive in a mac book pro and not wanting yosemite afterwards!

Why? well, after fsck'ing the machine without errors but still having an unbearable slow user experience - the spinning ball takes ~15 minutes until a click to the username in the login manager reacts and no chance to use the system after login, as well as even tab expension in single user mode takes ages - I finally decided that either the hdd is failing, a cable is faulty or the motherboard is dying. Or, before that to check, lets reinstall Mavericks to make sure it is not some strange config issue in the former installed OS.

Why not yosemite? well, default submission of spotlight search requests to Apple and Microsoft? Sure, one can disable that, but what else hidden anti-privacy "features" are there? I do not trust, yet. So Mavericks it shall be!

Uhm, where do I get the installer? Ah yes, Appstore. Wait, no, only if you previously downloaded it with the corresponding AppleID. Didn't. Bummer. So no Mavericks anymore for me?

Ok, Mavericks is free of charge so it might not be illegal to just download it somewhere else. Sure, I go and download a Mavericks image which I can put directly to an USB stick to install on the machine then.

Good. Install runs, takes ages. Actually never finishes m( Alrite, check! replacing hard drive is what we do now!

Open the thing up, easy: just some screws. Ok, the torx for the HDD screws is annoying, but no issue. Let's install that Mavericks again! Takes only 30-40 minutes and is done. Yeah \o/

No, I cannot activate FileVault? Research brings that I should not never ever use HFS Journalling with Capitals .. ok, redo the thing, another HFS. Another hour, done, fine.

F***. No FileVault again? Missing recovery maybe? Ok, lets get that "Recovery Partition Creator" which is recommended for that case. Run it. Ok, it takes ages, does not respond, is obviously doing nothing. Grrr .. Tried to run it in single user mode console, no chance. That thing seem broken for me.


Ok, once having installed Mavericks, the interwebbs suggests to just reinstall it from the downloaded Installer again - to get the recovery partition (re-)created. Over itself. Well, ok. Lets click that installer I have on the stick!

I see, it wants to connect to the AppStore to verify the machine with Apple .. wait whut? Ah, nevermind, lets just get over this!

On a fresh OSX you need an AppleID to use the AppStore. Ok, do it. Wait, needs credit card? Are you nuts? Why? Okok, after another hour researching I find a way to create an AppleID without the need of credit card credentials (by downloading a "free" app in the AppStore and creating an AppleID just from that dialog there, then one gets offered the "None" button for payment method ..) .. are you serious?!

Kewl, I am now in the AppStore after clicking my installer .. and .. yeah. "The product you are looking for is not available at the moment." Nice, I created 3 AppleIDs, wasted numerous email aliases to learn that I cannot install Mavericks, again?

Alrite. Maybe that installer I downloaded somewhere is faulty. I try to get an original one. That maybe should create the recovery partition upon install (remember: to get file vault running!!)! I ask around, look through all Macs I have around and - voila - I actually do find a already downloaded Mavericks Installer of ~6GB size.

I put that on the stick with: sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ \ --volume /Volumes/MyStick \ --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ \ --nointeraction

Takes an hour, I can boot it. I install it. It says "8 minutes to go", not very long, uh? Reboots. Lands in the installer - again, says "50 minutes to go". Okaaaayyyyyyyyy .. at least it does something.

End of journey: it installed. The former created users are still there. So what did it actually do? Not a complete fresh install for sure. Nevermind. Lets see system preferences: activate FileVault .. aaaand ?!

it actually does it. reboots. tells me it needs another 6 hours until done with the ecryption! wow! only 2 days wasted! to re-install a Mavericks with a useable recovery partition to actually use file vault!

thanks for listening. dafuq!?

slightly related, did you dry these in the rain forest?!?: