hercules rmx weight reduction

somewhere i read about the hercules rmx having a piece of steel inside that adds to its total weight. removing it would make it easier to transport to gigs, i thought.

of course, i removed all screws to disassemble the enclosure which resulted in some parts bouncing around, so i really had to go on with my objective.

removing the steel plate was then quite simple. i even managed to reassemble it without having some parts left over. to do it again, it makes sense to only remove some screws and leave at least four of them in place: the only screws on the top side that need to be removed are the six long screws that hold top and bottom case together.

to just remove the piece of steel, it is sufficient to remove the bottom lid only which means removing all screws on the sides and the bottom and the aforementioned six on the left and right side from the top. removing the aluminium cover is trickier but not necessary.

hercules rmx top screws