Ever wondered why it currently seems so fashionable for hackers to bash on homeopathy ?

well, we got ... numberz ! and to be less boring, put them into some pictures that give a relation.

First of all, lets see for what kinds of people homeopathy actually works and for whom not:

average effectiveness

strange, heh ?

well, theres moar: as demonstrated, it is easy to understand that people only choose the data that is sufficient to prove their claims. in the current homeopathy bashing, most arguments go on about the theoretical possiblility of any effect based on the amount of thinning of a given substance. Calculations involving the amount of molecules in the universe will quite often state that the effective thinning will be in a range that exceeds it.

as paracelsus stated that success alone will tell, this gives quite a different picture:

use only datasets that fit into your mindset

hm... so, really, if someone believes something is completely harmless, then why hit on it ? the winner is quite clear:

who has an advantage


a clear winner at 100 per cent, not mentioning the small fry companies and users that are hurt by it.

To deviate a bit, an analysis of the hacker mindset in relation to alternative medicine seems in order.

As everyone is a computer expert these days, it should be mentioned that most computer people can maintain an overview over complex matter.
It should however also be mentioned that it mostly only applies to their own field of interest and proficiency and horribly fails at other systems.


Does that mean if they cannot maintain a feeling for a complex system outside of their domain it will equally be impossible to still take them seriously ?

It is about time for some lowkicks.

We shall take a look at their self image and how it deviates from reality.

Taking into account that they have access to a lot of information on the interwebs, this might suggest an onmisciencent belief system coupled with some more illusions:

omniscient beliefs

reality shows a different picture, one of delusion.

This leads us to the difference between life and its skewed image in the mirror of the web:


For people who are strictly to adhere to the dogma of duality expressed in ones and zeroes, anything fuzzy is an unlikely encounter:

a straight mindset

But what the heck anyway, would you rather get an operation by a computer-illiterate surgeon or a hacker believing he/she knows about medicine ? How often have hackers helped you medically ?

What if conventional medicine fails ? If alternative medicine were totally non-effective, how could it hurt trying an alternative ?

fact is that there is a significant amount of so-called hopeless cases that were solved by "ineffective and unscientific" means.


To be able to spot a hunch of an explanation, we need to leave the rational battlefield and enter martial arts. This view allows us to pinpoint a fundamental difference between hackers and medics from any field.

The Difference

This clearly gives an indication that a certain energy level needed to administer and receive alternative medical treatment is lacking at our aforementioned subjects.

Life is not a game where Experience Points can be gained by sitting in front of a screen and clicking at the things that pass by.

On the contrary, using computers for several times a day leads to a deprivation in energy that cannot adequately be quenched by pizza:

computers suck

To increase the amount of MediPacks (ie. Health), it makes sense to turn the box off once in a while and stop bitching about stuff one does not have a clue about.

also, starting to use both halves of the brain would be something.